That moment when you know you are going to break down, you wake up, you are depressed, you are tired, your eyes hurt, your voice is messed up, you feel like you are sick and choking on something the entire day. Then something happens, either a friend says something rude to you, nobody is talking to you or everything is just going wrong. It starts to break you down but you push it away, you hide up in your bedroom, trying to find a way to distract yourself, but your parent calls you down. They yell at you, ground you, treat you like a little kid, you try to negotiate with them and so far it works so you think you’ve won. You need to go to your room before you break down. You start going up to your room and they stop you for a moment, telling you something that just triggers the wall to break. The first tear falls and you can’t talk or breathe but you just try to laugh it off and wipe the tears away that now won’t stop falling. But they get worse, your lip quivers, your eyes sting, you can’t do anything, your body shakes. You try to talk but you are voiceless, then you sob, just one tiny sound that releases everything. You fall to your knees, heaving and gasping for air as screams of pain just tear from you. Your parents don’t know what to do but they try to help, they are worried but can’t say anything right to stop this from happening. Finally you get control of yourself after 30 minutes of sobbing, you convince them you are okay but go upstairs only to cry some more. All night you are in pain, you’ve locked yourself in your room, you won’t eat, you won’t talk, the room is dark, all that is heard is the soft sounds of sobs and sniffles. When it’s finally over, the day has passed, your throat is raw, your eyes and head are throbbing, you feel numb. But, you present yourself as the exact opposite and convince everyone you are fine. This goes on for days, weeks, months, years, until one day. You don’t come down from your room that morning. Because there is no life to exit the bed your now cold and lifeless body lies.

(Source: never-enough-to-give)